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Children of the village

Posted by Hannah

Children of the village

There is nothing more beautiful in life than a kid’s smile and the best melody is a kid’s laugh because it’s all from the heart.

Our first day at “El Borj” School, when I met the kids for the first time, I read on their eyes all the sadness they were going through, we always say that eyes talk a lot and indeed, the sadness and the despair could easily be read.

I have been moved by one kid in particular and every time I close my eyes, I see his face and feel him. This kid was standing and looking down … I tried to talk to him, to make him laugh, entertain him but there was nothing I could do … He kept looking down and barely looked at me … His eyes talked a lot and said everything that needed to be said to justify his sadness.

The puppet show that has been prepared and played to all the kids was a magical moment because the sadness gave up its place to leave it to happiness and yes …seeing them smiling, happy, laughing, jumping from their seats and totally absorbed in the show was the best feeling ever and for my huge pleasure the kid I talked about earlier was also laughing and looked also very happy …

Don’t we say that while there is life, there is hope? I really wish and pray for a better life for all the people living in this village.

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