Help us purchase a dedicated preschool

For those who know Hannan charity well, you will be aware that we run a very successful preschool for Amazigh (Berber) children in the Middle Atlas. We have been renting for quite some time and sometimes have to move premises when a landlord decides he wants his property back. We tend to not have much spare money left by the time we pay teachers, pay for all the books and equipment needed, as well as food, rent and other utility payments. This last year has been one of our best years and although we are still a micro charity in comparison to even what are considered small charities, we feel that this is the time to think about purchasing a property to use as our own preschool. No more having to pack up everything and leave and try to find another suitable property.

We have investigated how much it would cost to purchase a reasonable sized property in Khenifra, where we know there are lots of poor children who need to be given the chance of starting school.

It would cost approximately £20,000, and to this end, we want to start a fundraising campaign to cover the first phase of raising £10,000 - we already have generously been donated the first £1,000 to get us started. If we could get 900 people to give just £10, then we have the first phase towards the purchase of our own preschool.

Would you help us by giving even a small amount which will change children’s lives and end the cycle of illiteracy and poverty of these precious children?

If so, please make a donation through our JustGiving campaign page. Click the button below:

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