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*** We need your help to build a preschool ***

We're thrilled to announce our brand new charity fundraiser. We are on a quest to buy a permanent preschool property in Khenifra. It will mean that there will be no more uncertainties, no more packing up and searching for new spaces each time a landlord wants his propery back. Just a new building where children can settle and get the right educational start to life. Can you help us? If you can, we would be very grateful because every contribution matters, be it big or small. To find out more, just click the button which will take you to the fundraiser page. Thank you very much.

Hannan School Morocco

Established in June 2002, Hannan School (formerly Faith School El Borj) is a UK charity set up to bring education and hope to the Amazigh (Berber) villages of El Borj and Assaka in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Our aim is to help lift the cycle of poverty through education thereby bringing hope to the local people.

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Achievements so far

Through kind and generous donations, we have been able to build two small preschools in the villages of El Borj and Assaka which are located near the Oum Rbia river in the Khenifra Province in Morocco. Some 70 children are sponsored through the schools.

  • Land purchased to build modern spacious school
  • Medicines given for conjunctivitis, trachoma, eczema, anaemia
  • Operations on 1 children
  • Food provided to the poorest families
  • Chickens purchased for most families
  • Goat & kid given to family to provide income
  • Clothes, pencil cases, shoes etc. given to help the families

How you can help

Make a donation

If you would like to donate to Hannan, you can either make a one-off or monthly donation via JustGiving or CAF or Stewardship, or you can download, print, fill in and send off a standing order mandate using this link:

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Be a fundraiser

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