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We work with our partner Association Oum Rabia Morocco to raise funds to run a preschool in Khenifra for approximately 50 children and provide humanitarian aid to children in Khenifra town and Assaka villages in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Our aim is to lift the cycle of poverty through education and sustainable social development. We want to bring education and hope to the Amazigh (Berber) people. The funds go to pay wages for teachers and provide buildings and all equipment, stationery etc., to run successful preschools. The children also recieve food each school day and clothing from donations. We regularly run training for the teachers and trustees in Morocco. We also provide for the needs of the villagers by giving them sustainable projects, helping to ease the burden of poverty and giving work and dignity.

Hannan – How it all began

Hmad and Hannah started the charity in 2002 because Hmad who was born in the village of El Borj in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco, had shared with his wife Hannah (who is from Scotland) about his education journey fraught with difficulties and challenges. He was one of only 2 of his 7 siblings who was sent to school. Schools are scarce in the rural areas of Morocco where the Berbers or Amazighen people tend to populate. Most children in these areas have little chance of going to school and it is particularly hard for girls to start or stay in education. Some villages have small government schools which take children only from age 6½ years to 12 years of age. When they start at 6½ years they have no Arabic language as they only speak their own language at home (tamazight), they have never held a pencil, never seen a picture book, so during that first year they struggle and then by aged 12 years they have to travel to continue their education so many don’t start and then those that do don't continue.

Hmad did well despite the challenges when he was sent to school as the youngest son. All the other boys were helping dad and the girls helping mum. However he had to travel to continue and did well despite the difficulties and took his first degree in Science Mathematics in Marrakesh University. He then struggled to find employment (which is quite normal in Morocco) so he decided to go to the Ukraine and take a second degree. The cost was relatively low but still a struggle to find the money and Dad sold land to send his son there and he took an engineering degree. As Hmad told Hannah his story after they met in Ukraine they decided to try and help in a small way by supporting one of his nieces through school. Friends heard and began to also want to help other children and so Hannan charity was formed.

We now have two small preschools in two villages El Borj and Assaka after initially sponsoring children through the government school. Teachers asked us to help the children who first came to school who didn't know the Arabic language or even how to hold a pencil. We now concentrate on the preschools and the children love it so much. The children are therefore more likely to continue their learning in the government schools and do really well as they have such a good foundation.

We have fully-trained preschool teachers and others help by volunteering. We also visit along with others where we help with teaching the teachers, safeguarding training and just enjoy singing songs and playing with the children.

Take a look and see what other things we have done over the years, not only in education but by providing goats, chickens and wood stoves for heat and cooking.

Hmad & Hannah


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