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The challenges facing Hannan

The Berbers - or more accurately the Imazighen - are the native people of Morocco and tend to seek out a living with small pockets of agricultural land in the various mountain ranges of Morocco. It’s a tough life and many live very simple lives from the land growing wheat and making bread and butter from scratch (no handy supermarkets to just pop in). There is little spare money to buy clothes or shoes, books or stationery to send children to school so maybe only 1 child in a family gets a chance to go to school. This generates a cycle of illiteracy and poverty. Education breaks this cycle. Even if the girls go on to marry and have children they tend to pass on a love for education and are able to help their own children with their education. They are far more likely to send their own children to school.

What is the solution?

Encouraging education by giving small children a love for learning makes preschools fun and helps them learn through play and gives them the skills to navigate life, school, college and university for those that can. Giving regularly helps pay teacher's wages, purchase school furniture, play things, crafts, stationery and books - indeed everything to give the children a great experience. We also give the children a snack each day which for many is their breakfast. One off gifts are helpful for little extras such as purchasing new books, stationery and equipment and other special things like taking the children for a picnic or celebrating the Berber new year with a small party with cakes and lemonade. We have also helped purchase wood stoves, goats and chickens, all helping the villagers in small ways to have a better life.

Helping us financially

You can help us by giving a one-off donation or a regular donation through either our JustGiving or Charities Aid Foundation campaign pages. Alternatively, download the standing order mandate below.

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Give a one-off or monthly donation via Charities Aid Foundation. Click the button below:

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Sponsoring a child

Just £10.00 per month will support a child through school. The money will pay for books, equipment and clothes.

Children standing by a rainbow on a wall that symbolises hope

Lads eager to play football

Building the school

We hope to build a new purpose built school in the village in the future and have already purchased the land for this purpose.

Learning in class


All staff connected with Hannan School are volunteers and administration is kept to an absolute minimum to ensure all funds go to the people that need it.

Volunteers help lay the foundations


If you would like to donate to Hannan, you can either make a one-off or monthly donation via JustGiving or CAF or Stewardship, or you can download, print, fill in and send off a standing order mandate using this link:

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