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Keira's Stories


Keira's Stories

Young Yasmin

As the children excitedly piled into the room where we were hosting pre-school, one girl slumped in and sat in the corner, upset. When I asked someone what was wrong, they informed me her mum had died and she’d not wanted to join in any activities since. My heart broke for her. She probably was already taking on adult roles in the house at the tender age of 4.

Over the week in our October trip, we had the opportunity to go back to Yasmins village (Assaka) each day, and although she joined in watching the others she just seemed so sad. We made sure we filled her with love, gave lots of cuddles, and gentle encouragement. When we left, the whole group had been touched by her gentle, but sad spirit. I specifically prayed for her until my next visit, that she’d start to see light, and feel love, even with her Mum not there for comfort.

When our group arrived in the village in April, she was the first child to run up to me and give me a big hug. She wore the exact outfit she had on in October, but her spirit was new and she kissed me like I was her best friend. I shed a quick tear and got straight back to playing with her. This time she was engaged in all activities, singing her heart out, and bossing the boys with how to play the games.

Sometimes we wonder how we can help these poor children, especially when the country restricts you from openly talking about Jesus. I’ve always found it a challenge to share His love purely through actions, but have learned over the years prayer is so so powerful. The power of prayer can place Gods hand over their lives, making miraculous changes behind the scenes. Something so seemingly small, that we can all do, to help make a big change.

Each child is also sponsored through Hannan Charity, so if you would like to sponsor a child from Yasmins beautiful village, contact Hannah or Hmad. This enables them to be able to financially afford to get education that they otherwise wouldn’t get.

Amazing Assaka Adventure

Assaka is a small village consisting of about 50 families, just outside of El Borj in Morocco. Hannah and Hmad, the founders of Hannan Charity stumbled across this precious village last year. Since then, they’ve taken two different groups out to teach there, and I’ve been lucky enough to go on both trips.

And boy, visiting this village on both Morocco trips was the highlight of the trip for me.

The community of Assaka is tight knit; everyone you come across is loving, and so incredibly generous. Although they don’t have much in terms of belongings, they all came together to provide us with some more yummy food (I am still working all the bread off!) and gifted us all a head scarf. Each day, they’d group together to bring bread, honey, tea and water, and a lovely lady let us host pre school in her lounge. Although it was cramped, it was amazing to be altogether, just the way they like it.

The kids were all so excited to meet us, and see the toys we’d brought. I will never forget their faces when looking at some of the toys, they didn’t quite know how to play with them, and one girl thought the doll was real.

On both trips, balloons, bubbles and skipping ropes won the most smiles, and provided hours of fun, even with the parents and grandparents! It’s incredible that something as simple as a these items could bring so much joy! The chorus of “WOWWW” from the children when blowing bubbles will also never leave me.

The Assaka children are now able to attend Hannan Preschool, with plans to build a school there so they do not have to do the treacherous commute. This gives the opportunity for the children to have education. They were so eager to learn and sing with us, I am excited to see where life with some education will take them!

I never thought I’d be so touched by an entire village. I’ve certainly left part of my heart with the amazing community of Assaka. I cannot wait until we can visit them and their smiles again


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